We hope you enjoy browsing our website. As you can see our idea is centered around providing the most loving environment possible for our babies. We specialize in hand-fed, home-raised baby birds, dogs and products of all categories. All our products are pulled from the nest no later than 10 days old. Here you can take a look at photos of our pets and products. – updated frequently! Don’t hesitate to send us a note or even give us a call if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

​Who are we?

Serving our community through pets and large scale products services!

Our Company Mission

To always serve our community through the most professional and friendly pet services. Our mission: bringing the love of parrots and great services to more people each day.

Company Vision

To share God’s love through his very own creations, our parrots, and our employees. For this reason, everything we do, we do with integrity. We take pride in empowering our employees and our customers.

Company Standards

We hold our company to the highest standards from the breeders our parrots are from to the homes they bring light into. Although the pet industry is polluted by a negative image about pet homes and pet mills, We supports only breeders and sellers with the highest standards. Visit us to receive all requested information about your products and additional information about the quality and care give.

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  1. Hand-fed, home-raised baby birds, pets, and products of all kinds are our specialties. All of our items are plucked from the nest before they reach the age of ten days. You may see pictures of our Nursing Coursework Help pets and items here. –


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